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Costa Rica Photographer

Costa Rica Photographer Fabian Murillo. I like a lot of things in life – but there are a few things that top the list. First of all my family, a good coffee, beautifully composed images, nature and most of all people. Whether it be the most dear to me or ones I am yet to meet, people and relationship is something that I value in life the most. I guess it’s definitely a good thing that I am in the business of wedding photograpy in Costa Rica; composing images of people – great people who are in love, that is.

You have gone above and beyond to invest in this day. From the venue and decor, wedding officiant, hair and makeup, to your dress and the logistics of getting all your loved ones in the same place. I truly value connecting with you to find out what is really important on your wedding day. Taking this time with you allows me to keep my priority of the day the quality of your photographs. Just as every detail matters to you, it matters to me. Therefore, your Costa Rica Wedding day should be nothing short of magic and it is my full intention to give you photographs to hold that will bring back the immense feeling of the day itself for years to come.

Getting married in Costa Rica is an unforgettable experience. Costa Rica has gained a deserved reputation as one of the most amazing places in the world to get married.

Costa Rica Photographer Fabian Murillo

Costa Rica photographer Fabian Murillo

Costa Rica Wedding Photographer Fabian Murillo Salas

Best and premier wedding photography and wedding planning in Costa Rica with over 2000 weddings photographed. Consequently our site is proof positive of our experience and commitment to weddings in this beautiful country.

Destination Wedding Photographer in Costa Rica, Fabian Murillo, can provide you with most of your needs. Wedding coordinator, wedding officiant, hair and makeup, florist and transportation for your Costa Rica wedding.

For about the same price as it would cost to rent a generic and sterile hall in any hotel or convention center in the United States or Europe, you can instead have the beauty, magic and wonder of Costa Rica. Sunsets, volcanoes, waterfalls and jungle can serve as spectacular backdrops. In conclusion, Costa Rica destination wedding will define your wedding as a truly unique and individual event.